POP'S West Street, San Ignacio - Reservation # : (501) 824-3366

Pops, open between 6:30 am and 3:00 pm has been a breakfast lover’s paradise for the better part of the last two decades. The newly renovated Pops sits on the far end of West Street aptly named Far West Street and has itself become a landmark of San Ignacio, the praise given to Pops isn’t given (nor taken) lightly as their all day breakfast menu and killer coffee and OJ attract tourists and keep locals returning over and over again.

Pops serves Waffles, pancakes, eggs, sausage, fruit, oats, burritos, all breakfast themed with the freshest ingredients and a precise attention to detail. The combination of American style breakfasts made with Belizean flair is always done expertly and having your meal delivered to you by Pops himself (for whom the restaurant has its name) is a real treat in the morning, or afternoon because they serve breakfast all day. One cannot say “we stayed in San Ignacio” without having made a stop at Pops for fry jacks and beans.

XO-OX HAn-nah​ 5, Burns Avenue, San Ignacio - Reservation # : (501) 824-3014

Another iconic San Ignacio establishment, the name Ko’ox Han Nah literally means “let’s go eat”, and when your plate is set in front of you, boy will you want to! The menu at Hanna’s (for short) is an interesting mix of Indian dishes and Belizean staples, how many other places can you get a plate of Indian curry and Belizean rice and beans on the same bill? The face of Hannah’s, the physical building face is rather unassuming, and would be easily missed as an establishment if not for the bright blue sign, inside the ambience is as well, simple and quaint but the no-frills look of this place lull you into comfort only to have you dazzled by the flavors packed in their food.

Like most of the entrees on this list, Hannah’s is centrally located, just down from the police station and banks on Burns avenue, a street still considered to be the “main” road in and through town, Hannah’s is one of the main-stays of San Ignacio cuisine and is, as everything on this list, a total must try.

crave house of flavors 24, West Street, San Ignacio - Reservation # : (501) 602-0737

Kicking it off as the new kid on the block, Crave House of Flavors. Brain child and creation of Chef Alejandro, Crave is food art’s home in San Ignacio, the close personal feel of the seating is well punctuated by Alejandro’s kitchen being a part of the visual experience, situated in the front, seen as one enters it’s a delight to see your order being prepared with a smile by the Chef and his staff. Situated around the corner or down the street from everything that we call “downtown” and being beside The Ice-cream Shoppe makes getting lost on your way here a situational impossibility.

The day to day menu has a select number of dishes, and there’s always a new special to try all with unique names and an emphasis on fresh grown, picked and prepared ingredients. The interior furnishings are well thought out and

creatively presented, from the picnic bench out front to the solid wood family dining table inside made from a singular cut of tree-trunk leave no room to doubt the attention to detail put in by the proprietor of this cozy little kitchen. There isn’t much more to say about Crave other than try it, there will be no regrets.

The Guava Limb Restaurant Café 79, Burns Avenue, San Ignacio - Reservation # : (501) 824-4837

(Restaurant of the Year 2015)

The Guava Limb café on the outskirts of downtown San Ignacio is a gardened oasis cleverly masked as an old style colonial age wooden house. Walking through the gate opens up into a beautifully kept and thoughtfully decorated lawn and seating area which gently leads into a branched path upstairs to the veranda seating or down into the recently added Dug-out lounge and bar area slightly further in. The Limb as it’s endearingly known specializes in organic international cuisine borrowing influence from Asian, Middle Eastern, North American and of course Caribbean flavors, the key word is borrowed, as the chefs in the kitchen at The Limb are talented individuals with wonderfully wild

imaginations. This little café has earned the local residents’ and international seals of approval time and time again even being crowned Best Restaurant of 2015 by the Belize Tourism Board. Their daily specials ranging from Vegan Lasagna all the way to braised lamb and rabbit dishes, prompting visitors from all corners of Belize sometimes driving for the day cross country just to eat there. Guava Limb has an impressively expansive menu from home grown salads (most of the greens and veggies used by the restaurant are grown at Chaa Creek’s Maya Farm) to Italian style thin crust pizzas, decadent burgers, and Lebanese hummus platters to Asian Gado Gado there’s a taste of everywhere all here making Guava Limb an unmissable culinary experience.

SAN IGNACIO Resort Hotel and restaurant 18, Buena Vista Street, San Ignacio 

Reservation # : (501) 824-2125

The Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant is the Hotel’s all-day dining restaurant that offers a newly remodeled air-conditioned dining hall boasting exceptional views of the hillside property. The menu is international with all the flavors and the best of Belizean cuisine featuring meats from our own family’s ranch where the restaurant got its name. Dining outdoors very often includes the visit of resident birds, including toucans that come to feed on nearby trees making for a unique “dining with the birds” experience.

The Lobby Bar opens to the outdoor dining area of our Restaurant and features two large flat screen televisions. The Bar is chic, offering a

modern Baroque design themed décor. In this relaxed open-concept air conditioned setting, guests can enjoy an innovative selection of classic cocktails and Belizean mixology offered alongside a menu of light plates. With live music on some weekends, the Lobby Bar is the perfect place for an afternoon drink, early aperitif or late evening cocktails.

CENAIDA'S RESTAURANT 16 Bullet Tree Road, San Ignacio - Reservation # : (501) 631-2526

In case you haven’t noticed, you don’t need to leave downtown to get your foodie fix, Cenaidas is another wonderful San Ignacio eatery that specializes in really good food, exactly that, great food. Situated just down the road from Ervas, Cenaida's is sure to be quite the delight if you decide to stop by. While the day to day menu might not be anything radical or remarkably different, the real call of this place is their daily special; with dishes like parmesan chicken, which is breaded chicken breast lightly fried and smothered ina creamy cheesy parmesan sauce and served with a green salad and their Smokey grilled pork chops served with your choice of sides every day can be a treat.

The holiday themed meals served there are amazing and well thought out, so if you are in town on November 1 the holiday meals

served there are amazing and well thought out, or their Finados (Belizean Dia de los Muertos) their mestizo buffet sampler is one for the books, serving up tamales, maja blanca (a rice based dessert) ixpaxa (a traditional mayan corn porridge), candied pumpkins and more is a definite treat and something that not many would experience otherwise.

Hode's place  Joseph Andrew Drive, San Ignacio - Reservation # : (501)  804-2522

With just three hundred & thirty three footsteps from the town's market which is located near the Town Center; this unique position makes it easy for guests to find and enjoy while in town. We offer a safe and tranquil atmosphere, which allows you to take leisurely walks and have picnics in our clean and well kept back yard. The early morning birds chirping next to your window and the fruit trees steps away from your door makes your sense of nature come alive. Our dedicated staff ensures that your visit to Belize is a memorable one. No matter what the day brings, whether it be a visit to the town’s popular market or the ancient mayan temples, we ensure a peaceful night’s rest. Since we are located in the Town of San Ignacio, we are surrounded by exciting adventures and jungle 

tours and within walking distance from ice cream shops, downtown farmer's market and shopping area, restaurants, and the only casino in the area.

the Icecream shoppe 24 West Street, San Ignacio (next to Crave)

And last but not least, this brand new place is worth stopping by after a long day of adventures ! This is the place in San Ignacio for excellent homemade ice cream with some deliciously offbeat flavors, such as pumpkin cheesecake, s'mores and fudge brownie ! You get to discover new flavors every other day so make sure to stop by more than once ! We recommend the delicious coconut and mint w/ chocolate chips!