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VILLA CAYO – Enclave of Private Vacation and Retirement Homes   


Want to get out of the cold by living in Belize for the winters but don’t want to invest a fortune?  Want to have a management company take care of and rent or not rent your home while you are away? Management that can sell your home if your plans change and you need to leave unexpectantly.

Or do you really just want to move to Belize and live there full time?  You can do either of those things here at “VILLA CAYO" in our enclave of Private Vacation and Retirement Homes.  Our lawyer Ryan Wrobel and his staff at  will help you with all of the details on how to do this safely and successfully.

LOTS are being offered by Ken and Virginia Krohn, owners of Villa Cayo Belize.  This will not be a gated community (no common areas - no HOA) as the lots are just one row deep running the length of the twelve acres known as Villa Cayo with full access to Old Pilgram Road, a public road. This project is specifically for and limited to Expats 55 and older. Children and Grandchildren may come to visit a couple of times a year but may not live continuously on the property.

I’ve had so many people say they wanted to retire and live with us here at Villa Cayo and now they can.  Villa Cayo is making available (10) Ten lots – 100’ Wide x 110’ deep, a full quarter acre.  This enclave of homes is required to have a Bali design which can be a Mennonite house with a Bali roof and deck or a block and concrete home with the Bali finish.  Samples of these homes can be found at:     Cost can be kept under $100K USD for a two bedroom/ two bath home. No color requirements.  We have a builder and/or a working foreman available to build your dream retirement or vacation home.  Construction is already underway for our first home.

The cost of each lot is $35,000USD and will accommodate a well designed two bedroom, two bath home. Property taxes will be very little and no school taxes.  Belize has no inheritance tax or capital gains. All utilities are available including access to good Internet, Cable and phone.

We have plans to offer an adjustable amenities package at a minimal cost.  Here is a list of what we will be offering at 50% occupancy.  You can pick and choose as needed.

·        * A management staff that will rent your property during your absence for all                     homes, immediately after completion of construction at 20% of thegross income.          * If it becomes necessary for you to return to your homeland there is a sales staff             that will take care of your home until it sells.  All homes must be sold                               through Villa Cayo’s sales staff at 6% of the sales price to ensure that new                       owners understand and abide by the covenants for Villa Cayo. 

·        * You can choose to have grounds and/or building maintenance for your home. 

·        * You can choose to have housecleaning as needed.

·        * If no pool is built within your home, you and your guests may choose to use the               pool at Villa Cayo.

·        * If we can find just the right cook or Sous Chef and if the homeowners and                       guests want it we would like to offer prepared food, cooked or ready to cook                     for our homeowners and their guests. 

         * We also plan to have light foods and drinks available at the Splash Café beside               the pool.

·        * We already have the equipment for our full gym and hope to have someone                     interested in leading groups for Yoga and/or Tai Chi and pool exercises. 

·        * We will also provide an area for table games like cards, Mexican train and other             table games. 


This 55 and older Expat community will make retirement as easy, as affordable, and as fun as you choose without the expensive assisted living available in the US.  Oh yeah!  And for those that want to snorkel, dive and fish, no problema!  You are only a couple of hours from the Caribbean Sea where you can do all of that to your hearts content and then return to your lush, quiet home in Cayo. 

·The best yet is that people who own homes on the beach love to get away to Cayo and are more than willing to swap out beach for jungle here in Cayo. 


Or if you want to have your own boat you could pull it to Placencia over good roads and through beautiful scenery for an ocean getaway.  This keeps your home and investment in Belize away from beachfront and hurricane damage.

Put the excitement back into your retirement by living in an exotic country, experiencing energizing activities and/or the peace of living with nature.  Your families will be clamoring to come and share their vacations with you.  Let us help you make that dream come true.


You can call Virginia at 011-501-610-1231 for more information.   We use Whatsapp and Skype for long distance calling. 

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