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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

We are happy to inform you that our accommodation is a Tourism Gold Standard Recognized Accommodation; however, we are not an all inclusive full service resort. This means we have implemented all measures to mitigate any risks for our guests and employees. Our accommodation has also been designated within the safe corridor which means every contact you have during your stay has been trained to ensure your safety.

What to expect during your stay?

We can arrange a private shuttle for pick up at the Int’l airport at a cost of $100USD for two persons which includes a dinner stop (food and drinks at your expense) and a grocery store stop (purchases at your expense). You can also book with local airlines if they are flying (Maya Island Air or Tropic Island Air). Rental vehicles are available at Crystal Auto Rental located right on the airport just outside the arrival door for easy pick up.

§ Expect to have temperature testing and masks up.

§ if you are not interested in cooking in your fully equipped kitchen we will arrange transportation to a local restaurant every evening at a cost of $10USD each way or you can arrange for personal delivery from one of our local restaurants from the phone in your suite, at your expense. You can prepare your breakfast each morning or the tour shuttle can pick you up early and take you to one of the local restaurants (food at your expense) prior to departure of tour.

§ We can book a tour for you with one of the approved Tourism Gold Standard Tour Operators. Here is a list of tours that can be provided for your entertainment.

§ Booking will be flexible should you become symptomatic prior to arrival (must submit a dated Covid-19 positive test) for full refund. If you have already arrived we will accommodate you for quarantine at the same rate per night, space available.

Thank you for your support and continued patience as we continue to work towards safely providing our services for you to enjoy our beautiful Belize.

We make it so easy!

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